HTO Client Galley - Portfolio
Green Giant - 1600 Broadway - Times Square
Green Giant - Times Square New York City
Digital Eye Candy - Times Square - 1600 Broadway Iconic OOH Branding Location
Times Square LED Domination DOOH
Cinematic Logo 3D DOOH
WNBA Rookie Of The Year 3 Times Square Reuters (live video)
CVS @ Music Industry Icon Historic Brill Building - 3D
3 Times Square - Thomson Reuters (live video)
3 Times Square - Mike & Ike
NYC STYLE - Fashion Week
Times Square Rocket Launch (live DOOH footage)
TANKED - 3 Times Square ~ Reuters
Up Up & Away - 3 Times Square ~ Reuters
Valentine's Day 3D hearts ~ Times Square
People En Español (live) DOOH
Mini Cooper 3D Automotive
7th Ave - Times Square CELSIUS
Pope Francis LED Spectacular (live video)
Winter Sparkle Waterfall ~ 3 Times Square
3D O'Neill web splash ad
Warby Parker - 42nd St Reuters
iPhone App 3D Univision
Getty Images - HTO DOOH
T-Mobile, Los Angeles OOH
Bentley Automotive (live)
NBC New York OOH Instagram
WNBA Rookie Of The Year
3 Times Square - Reuters
3D Logo Flyby
Target Superstores 3 Times Square
City Of New York: Halloween
Times Square Rocket Launch
Death Star 3D Screens
NBA Play Of The Day
Skechers/Sugar Ray Leonard
James Bond/Goldfinger
Happy Holidays Times Square
Snowflakes Christmas Tree Lights 7th Ave
Airship Advertising Media
Reuters/ Aerial